Personalized Mini Facial

Customized For Your Needs

My Personalized Mini Facial starts off with an analysis of your skin. I then select the best Bioelements product for your skin type. I start with a deep cleansing and exfoliation, followed by a masque  based on your personal needs. A hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen complete the treatment. This facial is sure to promote clear, well hydrated skin.To learn more about how this service can be personalized for your unique needs, feel free to contact me today.

$45 (45 minutes)

Reflecting the beauty of you

Welcome to Reflective Skincare


Lash Extensions

Get safe, customized eyelash extensions applied by a trained professional. I will recommend the best lash extensions for your eye shape, so you can feel confident about the results of every application. I only use the safest products around your eyes to provide the best results. My eyelash extensions are premium synthetic materials curled to imitate real lashes.

$90 (1-2 hours for a full set)

$40 for a fill

Signature Facial

Truly Exceptional Results

My revitalizing Signature Facial is fully inclusive and it will reflect your best and healthiest skin. I start off with a  professional  deep cleansing and exfoliation.  Extractions are performed as needed followed by a relaxing facial massage and a masque personalized by your needs. A hydrating toner, moisturizer and sunscreen complete the treatment.Using only the best products, I guarantee this treatment will exceed your expectations. This service is highly customized to you so that you can achieve your desired results. 

$60 (60 minutes)

Enzyme & Chemical Peel Enhancements

Deeper Renewing Exfoliation

An enzyme or chemical peel are known for providing remarkable results by renewing skin with a deeper exfoliation. If you choose deeper exfoliation I start you off with the Signature Facial and select a chemical peel or enzyme treatment based on your specific needs.

$75 (75 minutes)

Diamond Microdermabrasion

The Difference You’re Looking For

The Diamond Microdermabrasion softens fine lines, smooths the skin & decreases the appearance of scarring and pore size. It is a clarifying and collagen enhancing procedure that tones and gently lifts away the surface layer of skin leaving your skin feeling smooth and refreshed. It is one of my most popular cosmetic procedures, this treatment has helped my clients feel more confident and happier in their own skin. For more information on this service or or any of my other services, please get in touch with me.

$75 (60 minutes)

Waxing Services

At Ease and Comfortable

Quiet and a private room help you feel at ease and comfortable throughout your waxing experience. Whether male or female, waxing, comfort and safety is my priority.





Under Arms           

Full Face 





Arm Half  

Arm Full      

Leg Full 














About Reflective Skincare

Look and Feel Your Personal Best

Hi, I'm Suzanne Pfitzer, I believe that everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look and feel, that is why I became a licensed esthetician. I believe that providing a private one on one session without the commotion and conversation of other clients allows you to relax and reflect, while I provide dedicated services with  special attention to your individual skin care needs. I offer affordable, safe and painless treatments for people of all ages in a beautiful, clean and private facility. I use only industry-approved, state-of-the-art technologies.


It will be my pleasure to serve you. I work by appointment only so please get in touch today!

Massage Therapy Fresno

Relax, Balance Restore

At the studio you will also find my associate Annalisa. Annalisa  completed her professional training as a Massage Therapist at Milan Institute in Fresno, CA.  She is currently a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and is Nationally Certified by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).  Annalisa's areas of specialty are in her ability to integrate multiple massage modalities in any given session to "systematically" address each of her clients needs and goals.  Modalities include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Shiatsu/Acupressure.  Her focus is in helping her clients achieve and maintain a better sense of health as well as educate them to take better care of themselves.


Wolfgang von Goethe

"Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest"

The studio is located in the Dominion Courtyard Villas Clubhouse behind the new GB3 on Cedar and Sheppard.

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I always love to hear from my customers. I work by appointment only so please set up an appointment today or get in touch to learn more about Reflective Skincare.


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